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Inspiring adults with learning difficulties

THE INSPIRE PROJECT Inspire is a city-wide 40 week project enabling adults with learning difficulties to link into the professional arts community and develop skills in visual arts, mixed media, sculpting, crafts, photography and much more. Piloted in 2017 with a showcase in Duncairn Centre for...

4th Panel Textile Launch, Wednesday 4th January 2017

John Luke and Gerard Dillon project

Arts for All delivered a major project with funding from the Community Relations Council at the beginning of 2015. This was a partnership with An Chult urlann based on the Falls Road and two men's sheds - one based in Conway Mill and one based in Duncairn Gardens. It developed a strong link between...

Re-imaging Communities

Arts for All has received funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland's Re-imaging Communities programme to carry out a consultation with north Belfast residents about what a piece of pubic art in north Belfast might look like. This process was facilitated by Lesley Cherry. Arts for All...

Creative mask making Wednesday

Wednesday 7th October 2015 Great fun on Wednesday creativing masks facilitated by Consuela Ortiz

Creative Wednesday Community Garden Visit

30th September 2015 Hand stitching flowers at East Belfast Community Garden Facilitated by Carolyn MacDougall

Capacity building arts workshops

Arts for All delivers a range of community arts workshops to local schools, youth and community groups. This promotes access to the arts across north Belfast and builds the capacity of the local community through creativity. The programme is flexible, adaptable and group and participant centred...

Mentoring scheme

Arts for All has just launched the fifth run of its mentoring scheme. The scheme aims to pair emerging artists with established artists, promoting skills transfer between these two groups. Seven mentees and four mentors were recrtuited during July and August 2015. Arts for All staff are looking...

Advocacy and lobbying

Arts for All plays an important role in articulating the case for the arts at community level. Arts for All repsonds to relevant consultations on an ongoing basis. The most recent consultation which Arts for All responded to is the consultation on the 2015-6 draft budget making a case for no...

The port and docks of Belfast: imagined through textiles

Arts for All commenced a major textiles programme in February 2013 partnering with intercultural arts organisation ArtsEkta. This programme explores, researches and recounts the story of the port and docks of Belfast, in particular women's contribution to this important maritime history and...