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Mentoring scheme

Arts for All has just launched the fifth run of its mentoring scheme. The scheme aims to pair emerging artists with established artists, promoting skills transfer between these two groups.  Seven mentees and four mentors were recrtuited during July and August 2015. Arts for All staff are looking forward to delivering the programme during 2015-2016 with mentees and mentors in the following art forms:

  • Textiles
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Stage make up
  • Print making

During 2014-15 17 mentees participated in one to one or small group workshops with established artists. Mentoring partnerships covered a range of art forms including photography, music and painting.

Mentoring artists ideally work on a one to one basis with a mentee. Sometimes they work in small groups with  2-3 other people. The mentor helps the mentee to develop his or her artistic skills. This might include building a portfolio, visiting cultural institutions or facilitating community arts workshops.

Mentees and mentors come from different art form backgrounds. They also come from different age, political, religous, disability and gender backgrounds. 

Each mentor and mentee attends an induction session  and each mentee develops and implements a mentoring plan with his or her mentee. Mentors and mentees usually spend 15-20 hours working together.

The 2014-2015 scheme concluded with work from mentees and mentors exhibited in the John Luke Gallery on 2nd April 2015. The launch of the exhibition included performances from four music mentees and two musc mentors and the launch of a music cd by music mentees Paul Quinn and Ruairidh O'Kane.

Demand for the scheme for the 2014-2015 mentoring year was extremely high. Mentees come from a range of artistic backgrounds including music; photography; street art; illustration and music production. 

Previous mentees have progressed to university degrees; become full-time community arts facilitators; produced music cd's and poetry books. Three mentees from the 2014-2015 scheme established and run a photography club which meets every Tuesday evening.

Arts for All recently commissioned Vicki Maguire to track former mentees to assess the impact of the scheme. This was extremely constructive, with all former mentees currently engaged in creative activities. For a copy of the report click here.